World Record Breaking Project 9-Year Anniversary

Craig Tilley
2 min readJul 29, 2022

On July 29, 2013, I boarded a plane to learn about the impending climate disaster and began creating the first artwork that would evolve into an art project that would change my life.

I’ve now completed 3287 days of the 6,000-day project. For those keeping track, that’s 16 years, five months, and three days. The most bizarre aspect is that on that day 9 years ago (July 29, 2013), there were exactly 6,000 days before the project’s completion on the first day of the year 2030. I was unaware of the 6,000-day phenomenon until a few months ago, when I was interested in how many days converted to years.

There are 2713 days left and 180 artworks (called VINES) out of a total of 386. Each month until New Year’s Day, 2030, two more VINES will be revealed. Every month, I work on two pieces at a time, letting current events drive the course of the art and the meaning behind the linking artworks.

For all who have read this far, thank you for taking the time to listen. It is your energy that gives it the breath it requires to be great — to accomplish the goal.

My goal is to complete the world record-breaking Grapevine Wall masterpiece to demonstrate that anybody, regardless of disability, can break records and overcome obstacles, and that we can genuinely achieve everything we set our minds to.

The times ahead will be difficult as we make significant sacrifices for the sake of the future, and we will need to have a deeper level of faith in ourselves and each other to get through them.

So I’ll keep going. Doing my part, doing my job as best I can.

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Craig uses immersive mixed reality, vibrant art, and storytelling to engage audiences in discussions about the climate crisis, social injustice, and technological advancements at a time of great transition for humanity.

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