Waking Gaia

Humans have been living in an era of environmental stability, but that is about to change dramatically.

Decades of greenhouse gas emissions and massive rainforest clearing have resulted in changes on a scale not seen in millions of years, causing unbalanced ecosystems and destabilizing the self-regulating system that created, and maintains, the climate and biochemical conditions that allow life to exist on Earth.

Gaia is the Greek goddess of Earth, mother of all life, and she wants balance. Just like our immune system, she will defend the planet at all costs.

This month’s COP26 proved to be another missed opportunity, rife with vague promises and a lack of a global strategy for implementation and cooperation. Pledges to reduce emissions masked opposing agendas by rich countries that intend to increase fossil fuel outputs, further destabilizing the planet’s ecosystem.

Waking Gaia was grown from Hot Heads, Contemplating Transcendence and Breach

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Craig Tilley is a visually impaired artist, futurist, and sustainability enthusiast. Craig educates and inspires others on sustainable health and lifestyle habits as well as sustainable solutions for energy, agriculture, and human growth. Visit his project HERE




Mixed Reality Artist / Storyteller / Seeker of Wisdom and Truth — EXPLORE THE PROJECT —> www.grapevinewall.com

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Craig Tilley

Craig Tilley

Mixed Reality Artist / Storyteller / Seeker of Wisdom and Truth — EXPLORE THE PROJECT —> www.grapevinewall.com

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