Undertow - Into the Metaverse

Craig Tilley
1 min readDec 30, 2021


Can you sense the undercurrents of the next wave in our story?
As we begin to decarbonize the atmosphere in 2022, a major wave of disruption will induce changes in every industry and area of daily life, culminating in a convoluted web of hurdles and resistance.

The fatigue of the climate crises will begin to weigh on us, leading the currents of despair to strengthen and silently lure us towards the comforts of a meta-reality where we won’t have to confront the real challenges.

Undertow was grown from Crest and Uncommon Sense

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Craig Tilley is a visually impaired digital artist, futurist, and sustainability enthusiast. Craig uses immersive mixed reality, vibrant art, and storytelling to engage audiences in discussions about the climate crisis, social injustice, and technological advancements at a time of great transition for humanity.

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Craig Tilley

Award-winning artist illustrating humanity’s 6,000-day journey into 2030. — EXPLORE THE PROJECT —> www.grapevinewall.com