Twisted Circus

Twisted Circus was grown from Woke and Uncommon Sense

War and inflation are strangling global economies, causing a frenzy of skyrocketing energy and food prices.

We are discovering that we cannot continue to live as we do while addressing the crisis of our destabilizing ecosystem. Capitalism as we have known it is dying, but this provides us with an opportunity to repair the broken ways of the past.

The political clowns, on the other hand, have their own agendas. One side wants to cancel everything they disagree with, while the other envisions a global axis of neofascism, believing that those who push us to divide will be the new party.

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Craig uses immersive mixed reality, vibrant art, and storytelling to engage audiences in discussions about the climate crisis, social injustice, and technological advancements at a time of great transition for humanity.

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Mixed Reality Artist / Storyteller / Seeker of Wisdom and Truth — EXPLORE THE PROJECT —>

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Craig Tilley

Craig Tilley

Mixed Reality Artist / Storyteller / Seeker of Wisdom and Truth — EXPLORE THE PROJECT —>

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