Mourning Peace

Craig Tilley
2 min readJun 7, 2022


As I drew this one over the course of the month, it evolved into a sunflower, and I hoped it would be more about peace and Ukraine. Unfortunately, it was foreshadowing a month of many horrific killings.

We close the month of May, 2022, mourning in the wake of multiple mass murders, including nineteen children in a Texas elementary school.

While we, the people, demand gun control, politicians act in their own self-interest, as little kids rehearse their own deaths in school drills until the day comes when it is no longer practice.

Gun laws must be changed. However, horror is also a symptom of our broken society. Americans are driven by their dysfunctional institutions and postures of constant aggression. All this antagonism toward one another leads to hatred, which leads to violence. When you combine it with our lax gun regulations, you get senseless carnage.

Mourning Peace was grown from Through the Moon

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