Blockchain Gang

Unlike the human prisoner, this gang does not mind the arduous work of repetitive manual labor. In fact, it thrives.

The more you learn about the crypto world, the more you realize how powerful it is. Converging AI and quantum will truly reveal blockchain’s potential and necessity. This work of human ingenuity will undoubtedly evolve into something we can only imagine right now.

The first bitcoin futures ETF was launched this month (October 2021). During these green times, expect more cross-financial announcements and turbulence as regulations are enforced and adopted as necessary for the stability of the cryptocurrencies that fuel the blockchain.

Blockchain Gang was grown from Plucked and Outbreed

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Craig Tilley is a visually impaired artist, futurist, and sustainability enthusiast. Craig educates and inspires others on sustainable health and lifestyle habits as well as sustainable solutions for energy, agriculture, and human growth. Visit his project HERE




Mixed Reality Artist / Storyteller / Seeker of Wisdom and Truth — EXPLORE THE PROJECT —>

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Craig Tilley

Craig Tilley

Mixed Reality Artist / Storyteller / Seeker of Wisdom and Truth — EXPLORE THE PROJECT —>

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