A system that can predict us better is exponentially more valuable than the rest. And thus, a race to make us more obscure and predictable is on.

As the pandemic, climate change and social unrest (to name a few)make us fear our world is falling apart, the allure from the…

We search desperately for any sign that we’re not alone in the universe, while treating life on this planet so callously that we’re killing it off.

If you haven’t heard, there is a mass extinction of life happening now…and it is our fault. …

How much worse must things get before we wake up?

We are getting sick, the planet is getting sick, yet we continue pointing political fingers at each other as we helplessly drown inside a turbulent wave pool of pettiness and rage towards one another.

While those at the bottom are…

From the depths of the deepest oceans to the ecosystem of our own bodies, microorganisms are the unmatched rulers of our planet.

Archaea (bacteria-like microbes) are one of the major domains of life on Earth and have been found in many extreme environments, including hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor…


Our world is burning. The relentless wildfires, rising temperatures, and extreme weather are just a glimpse of things to come.

There are other infernos that we must extinguish as well. These fires are being lit all around us, inside our homes and communities by those sworn to protect us.

The natural drive to make a positive difference in the world is being overshadowed by hopelessness and fear.

As political chaos ensues, the allure for complacency grows more attractive. We standby and watch as an elected U.S. President gets away with undermining truth, justice and the rule of law itself.

While we talk about the destruction of natural habitats, we fail to see the impacts we are making to the migratory highways in between.

One prime example is the recent sudden death of millions of migratory birds due to the wildfires in California and surrounding areas. …


Rage is the first VINE from Chapter Three on The Grapevine Wall

Why are we so divided and at each other’s throats? Why are people you respect taking positions opposite to what you know is “right”?

The answer lies in the algorithms that have been controlling our thoughts and actions in the background of our social feeds, media streams, and real-world…

While the world experiences the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are witnessing a sobering demonstration of the powerful movement of a virus.

There are many infectious circumstances we live with every day. Fear and anger can cripple us, disrupting progress and the well-being of our communities. …

We are all oddballs outside our own tightly-woven protected mess of past experiences and ill-fated narrow-mindedness.

The more we are isolated from each other in our protected silos fortified by tailored media and like-minded confidants, the more we may seem like oddballs to those who may not think like us.

Craig Tilley

Artist, surrealistic optimist…creating a massively immersive social art experience into 2030. EXPLORE THE PROJECT —> www.grapevinewall.com

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